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Certificate in Business Management


This programme is created as a stepping stone for all students to further their studies into MQA accredited Diploma programmes.


Registration Fee:
RM 500

Programme Fee:
RM 6,000

Total Fees:
RM 6,500

*Exam Retake fees to be confirmed later*



January | February | April | May | August | September

Duration: 16 Months

Mode of Study: Weekdays / Weekends



Entry Requirement

Pass SPM with minimum 1 Credit & Pass Bahasa Melayu

Exams and Assesments

Assignment & Quizzes (60%)
Final Exams (40%)


  • Accredited by MQA

  • Recognized by JPA

  • Joint Award - Certificate of Competency in Office Administration [KPT(JPS)600-03/997(92)]

Working Adults

​Have you been working for quite some time? Or have you made up your mind to further your studies? Well, this is your chance to get credit transfers to our courses with your work experience

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